Fertile Mucus Does NOT Always Look Like Egg-White

We often hear about “egg-white mucus” for identifying the fertile phase and ovulation. Peak-type cervical mucus often does look like egg-white, BUT not always. All cervical mucus is fertile. If you see cervical mucus, you know that your “gate” is open, an egg is developing, and your body is preparing to ovulate. You might see something pasty…

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PMS Headaches

Acupressure for PMS Headaches healgrowthriveflow.com

Question: Turns out my worst headaches are all after ovulation. They’re not every day post-ovulation, but most. Always in my temples. So is it hormonal? What do I do about it? Answer: Sounds like it’s hormonal! Pre-menstrual headaches are common, and often related to the liver having trouble dealing with higher levels of hormones post-ovulation.…

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