TheStoryPoints: The Dream House

healgrowthriveflow The Dream House thestorypoints Leilani Navar

What a delight. Thanks to everyone who chimed in on this. (*scroll to the bottom for my original post! Read the story first – it will be way more fun that way!) First, a little more about what I’m doing with #mythologicalacupuncture and #thestorypoints “Mythological Acupuncture” is a phrase coined by Michael Meade. As many…

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On the Verge of Tears: Crying, PMS & Acupressure

On the Verge of Tears Crying PMS and Acupressure

Weeping is a human behavior. It helps us relieve stress, communicate with others, and feel soothed. Crying can also feel overwhelming, embarrassing, or just “in the way.” Sometimes, it lets us know that our physical or mental health is out of balance. All of these things can apply to the teariness that is ever-present for…

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