Episode 34: Dreams of Exes plus Bathroom & Gotta-Go Dreams (highlights from Dreamers’ Den members episodes with Leilani Navar & Kezia Vida)

Do you recall any dreams of being back together with an ex? How about needing to pee and not being able to find a bathroom? These are more common dream-themes than you might realize, and there can be much more going on here than the obvious.

Click Play below to hear a deep-dive on these themes, in excerpts from two bonus podcast episodes originally released for Dreamers’ Den members only. You can also listen on your favorite podcast platform by clicking one of these links: Apple PodcastsSpotifyStitcherVurbl, or iHeartRadio.

In the first, I talk about bathroom and gotta-go dreams. It may be a little uncomfortable, but you’re here for dreamwork, so… uncomfortable is a cherished part of it, right? It’s all about dreams of needing to find a bathroom, finding problems with the bathroom, and the urination/defecation dreams that are oh-so-common, but not so commonly talked about. I share my Chinese Medicine viewpoint on these dreams (including the Metal and Water elements, and our inner plumbing), some of Jeremy Taylor’s insights (like sh*t in alchemy), and an example dream of my own (compost, baby chick, and ancestral healing).

In the second, you’ll hear a conversation between me and dreamworker Kezia Vida, exploring one of her favorite topics: dreams of exes. For all the intensity that these dreams can bring up about past relationships, there are many other rich possibilities of why the dream has come. We talk about dreams where the ex is ignoring the dreamer, dreams of being back together in love, and a juicy example dream where there’s an ex, a new potential lover, AND a bathroom.

Click Play above and see what a-ha moments are waiting for you.

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  1. Ahjo on August 14, 2021 at 7:46 pm

    Hello, first time listening and having many lightbulbs going off about dreaming of my x as well as poo and pee, yay!
    In fact, just last night had a dream with all of that in it as well as bleeding from menstration-another natural way to release and let go. I’d be super curious to hear from other dreamers about menstruation dreams as well as tampons!
    My own thoughts after integrating what you’ve discussed about poo and pee is that menstruation is perhaps a specific letting go of our unfulfilled dreams, desires, babies, projects…?
    I really resonated with what you said about not being able to get into a bathroom as the search for an “authentic” creative expressive place to let go/grieve. This too was in my dream! Trying to get into a public college dorm bathroom where there was like a gatekeeper that wouldn’t let me enter.
    Beautifully, in this dream, I finally found it with my x, in two different ways. First, a public display of our queer affection and then in a private bedroom-a sensual experience of her inserting a tampon for me. As if to say, “I see you bleeding and hurting with nowhere to take care of it. Let me put this tampon/bandage in you.”
    Feels really profound to receive this from her-that is me. I’ve had terrible pms depression since our break up over 15 years ago!.
    I’m grateful to my fellow dreaming brother that sent me your podcast after i told him this dream.
    I’m looking forward to hearing more of your podcast and perhaps joining your community.
    Please be aware that I’m nonbinary and use they them pronouns. Menstruation is not only for women.

    • Leilani Navar on August 21, 2021 at 11:57 pm

      Thanks for sharing your dream, Ahjo! And thanks for letting me know about your gender and pronouns. I love hearing about your lightbulbs and what this dream has already brought you. For me, menstruation is a letting go that begins a reset. A fresh start. After menstruation, the ovarian/menstrual/hormonal cycle begins again. So, it’s like a shedding that immediately goes into a new beginning, which generates life. I guess we could say that eliminating pee and poop also makes way for new life, but definitely in a different way. Tampons… That’s a good one to explore too! I can’t remember ever having a tampon dream, though I’ve had menstruation dreams. If we were working this dream live, I’d want to start with the dreamer’s associations with tampons before sharing mine. Beautiful already, though, how in this dream it’s sensual and caring. If this were my dream, I’d sink into the profound feeling of receiving this from her. One of my most cherished medicines from dreams is those moments that feel good, feel healing, feel nourishing, feel soothing — those feelings are real in our minds and bodies! We can replay them, relive them, amplify them, and absorb whatever good things they’re doing within us. Thanks again for sharing. I’ll be sending out an email tomorrow inviting new members to the community!