A Point for Easing the Breath: The Landscape of Your Body #11

https://leilaninavar.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/07/Lung-6-Video-July-2021.mp4 There are these cool spots on the rivers of your body where the Qi and blood dive deeper beneath the skin. Close to the fingers the toes, channels run near the surface, but at these “xi-cleft” points, the rivers plunge deep.  This is the xi-cleft point on the Lung channel, named Kong Zui, or…

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A Point Used for Clearing Heat and Relieving Headaches: The Landscape of Your Body #7

https://leilaninavar.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/04/HT-8-April-2021-50.mp4 A palace in the palm of the hand, pressed to clear “heat.” That “heat” might be showing up as agitation, insomnia, or as actually feeling hot (especially in the palms). Pressure here can help when there’s heaviness or a feeling of stuckness in the chest, with the urge to sigh frequently, or the sense…

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A Point for Stress Relief: The Landscape of Your Body #5

https://leilaninavar.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/02/Liver-3-Video-Jan-2021.mp4 You’ll have to take your shoes off for this one. It’s worth it. Liver 3, aka “Tai Chong,” aka “Great Rushing,” located in a valley on your foot, is important for people dealing with stress. (Should I simply say “for people”? Is anyone NOT dealing with stress?) Watch the video above to learn how…

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Why Bring Dreamwork and Chinese Medicine Together?

Why Bring Dreams and Chinese Medicine Together by Leilani Navar at healgrowthriveflow.com

I’ve had to admit that only certain people lean in and ask for more when I say, “I had such an interesting dream last night…” Others give a vague, “Hm,” or steer the conversation to another subject. And that’s fine. I love talking about dreams – with people who love talking about dreams. When a…

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5 Ways Dreams Invite You to Insights about Your Physical Health

5 Ways Dreams Invite Insights about Physical Health by Leilani Navar at healgrowthriveflow.com

You’ve had those dreams, right, that you just know are important? But you have no idea what they mean? In my experience, every dream is significant. But at first glance, I usually have no idea what a dream means either. Stepping into dreamwork is like stepping blindfolded into a space filled with sounds, scents, and…

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Metal Element Imagery in Dreams

Metal Imagery Symbols in Dreams for Healing and Chinese Medicine by Leilani Navar healgrowthriveflow.com

Yes and no. The radiance of sound and light. Poignancy. Grief. In the cosmology of Chinese medicine, these resonate with the Metal element. This means they also resonate with the Lungs – think of an inhale, discernment of what stays and what goes, and an exhale. The Large Intestine – which also sorts what stays…

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TheStoryPoints: The Dream House

healgrowthriveflow The Dream House thestorypoints Leilani Navar

What a delight. Thanks to everyone who chimed in on this. (*scroll to the bottom for my original post! Read the story first – it will be way more fun that way!) First, a little more about what I’m doing with #mythologicalacupuncture and #thestorypoints “Mythological Acupuncture” is a phrase coined by Michael Meade. As many…

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