Acupuncture for Fertility (Natural and IVF)

Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine have been used for thousands of years to support fertility and healthy pregnancy. We have a wealth of ancient as well as modern information about how best to support our patients. I’m happy to discuss the “how” and the “why” of this with you when you come in for a…

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Q&A: Breast Tenderness after a Hysterectomy

Breast Tenderness after Hysterectomy Q&A by Leilani Navar at

Question: I’ve had a hysterectomy, but I still have my ovaries. Sometimes I get breast pain, and I wonder if it has to do with my cycle. Is there any way to tell where I am in my cycle, with no period? Answer: If you have your ovaries, you are probably still having an ovarian…

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Skills for Resilience

Skills for Resilience by Leilani Navar

So, there are some reasons to be alarmed right now, and reasons to be taking action. I feel there are the same reasons to be cultivating adaptability and resilience for ourselves, our loved ones, our communities. I’ve been reflecting on the skills/mindsets that I hope will serve me, my family and our community no matter…

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What is this stuff? Continuous Mucus & Fertility Awareness

July 2019 New Moon Note Continuous Mucus Leilani Navar

“Continuous mucus,” or seeing some kind of discharge from the vagina every day, stops a lot of people from using Fertility Awareness. Not because it stops you from recognizing fertile and infertile days, but because it’s confusing at first. Confusion can be discouraging. So let me clarify this, and encourage you. Generally, we see cervical…

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When to “Expect” a Double Peak

when to expect a double peak leilani navar

I got the flu a few months ago, and had a Double Peak for the first time years. I ovulated 10 days later than I usually do, and had a 40-day cycle. That means the window in which I could have gotten pregnant was about 10 days later than it typically is for me. I…

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Blood Deficiency & Foods that Help

Blood Deficiency and Foods that Help

June New Moon greetings! A note this month about that period-time tiredness, restless sleep, and craving for red meat – and some foods that can help. All those symptoms, and several others, are related to the Chinese medicine idea of “Blood deficiency” (or “Blood vacuity”). When your Blood is not rich with all that it…

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On the Verge of Tears: Crying, PMS & Acupressure

On the Verge of Tears Crying PMS and Acupressure

Weeping is a human behavior. It helps us relieve stress, communicate with others, and feel soothed. Crying can also feel overwhelming, embarrassing, or just “in the way.” Sometimes, it lets us know that our physical or mental health is out of balance. All of these things can apply to the teariness that is ever-present for…

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Do we Alternate Ovaries? And, Acupressure for Ovary Pain

Do We Alternate Ovaries and Acupressure for Ovary Pain

Happy New Moon and Lunar New Year! First for today, an acupressure tip. If you have pain in your lower abdomen (whether it’s in your ovaries during ovulation, or your uterus during menstruation), a great place to explore for tender points is right here at the base of the palm. Feel around this circled area. Move your finger just…

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