9 Ways to Be My Healthiest Self NOW

9 Ways to be My Healthiest Self Now Grounded in Modern Research Traditional Wisdom by Leilani Navar healgrowthriveflow.com

There’s never been a better time to be your healthiest self. I’ll keep this to-the-point: Here are 9 ways I’m optimizing my well-being and resilience right now, which you can consider too. These are the same recommendations that I give to most of my patients. As with everything posted on this site, it is for…

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What’s Your Insomnia Type?

What's Your Insomnia Type Lifestyle Herbal Tea Acupressure by Leilani Navar healgrowthriveflow.com

“I’m so tired… but I can’t sleep!!” I hear you. Let’s start figuring out WHY. What type of “can’t-sleep” is it? Trouble falling asleep, staying asleep, or both? Restless? Night sweats? Waking up too early? I love sleeping. And I love helping other people get good sleep, because it helps everything! Lack of sleep –…

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What’s for (healthy) breakfast?

What's for breakfast? by Leilani Navar healgrowthriveflow.com

I like to start the day with warm lemon water, or hot ginger tea. But THEN what? Decisions, decisions. And conflicting opinions, conflicting opinions… One reason you see a wide variety of recommendations about how to eat is that there are lots of ways to eat that work. One reason you see such different recommendations…

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Skills for Resilience

Skills for Resilience by Leilani Navar

So, there are some reasons to be alarmed right now, and reasons to be taking action. I feel there are the same reasons to be cultivating adaptability and resilience for ourselves, our loved ones, our communities. I’ve been reflecting on the skills/mindsets that I hope will serve me, my family and our community no matter…

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Mint Tea for Stress

Mint Tea for Stress healgrowthriveflow.com

You know those cravings for sweet foods when you’re stressed? We get those cravings because the sweet flavor (temporarily) soothes the Liver network. If you go for a cookie or a sugary drink, though, you won’t really relieve your body’s stress, and you’ll get the negative effects of sugar on your nervous system and your…

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How Much Coffee Makes YOU Anxious?

How Much Coffee Makes You Anxious healgrowthriveflow.com

For some people it’s a sip, for some it’s anything over 2 cups. For me, it’s having more than 1 cup in a day. But I notice that even 1 cup raises things to a higher pitch, a little hum of urgency and agitation. And more sweating. Here’s a natural way of reducing anxiety that’s…

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Blood Deficiency & Foods that Help

Blood Deficiency and Foods that Help healgrowthriveflow.com

June New Moon greetings! A note this month about that period-time tiredness, restless sleep, and craving for red meat – and some foods that can help. All those symptoms, and several others, are related to the Chinese medicine idea of “Blood deficiency” (or “Blood vacuity”). When your Blood is not rich with all that it…

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