Direct Message: Get Pregnant on the Days YOUR Body Tells You Are Most Fertile

The best way to tell on which days intercourse can bring pregnancy is by checking for your own cervical fluid. It's MUCH more accurate than calendar predictions (even from your app!), and it's a lot cheaper than using ovulation predictor kits.

If you already use the Justisse Method, here's what you need to know: Conception is most likely on days of highest quantity and quality of cervical fluid; Peak Day; and the day after Peak Day.

If that doesn't make perfect sense to you, here's a little more detail:

Cervical fluid does 2 things:

- it tells you that ovulation is approaching

- and it keeps sperm alive, preparing them for fertilization.

When your cervical fluid is

  • slippery (lubricative)
  • stretchy (1 inch or more)


  • crystal clear

we call that “Peak-Type.”

The LAST DAY of Peak-Type fluid is almost always ovulation day. Peak Day and the day after are excellent times for intercourse if you want to conceive. (The day after Peak Day is typically when your temperature will rise, if you're checking your BBT. That's why temperature alone isn't a great way to help you time intercourse for conception.)

Also, on one or more of the days leading up to Peak Day, you might notice a very high quantity of Peak-Type fluid. (“High quantity” means different things to different people; you know what is a lot of fluid for YOU.) Days of high quantity of Peak-Type fluid are also among the best for intercourse when you're aiming to get pregnant.

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