Basement Light & Getting to My Dying Dog (Real Live Dreamwork with Erika)

What a gift Erika shares through this dream, taking us along with her from the depths of the basement to the love of a constant companion of such resilience.

We begin at one layer, gradually travel deeper, and move into and through a doorway that opens into a vast territory.

I don't ask Erika at the end, "how would you like to honor this dream?" because it appears to me that she may still be deep in the process. That itself is one of the most profound ways to honor a dream.

If you're curious about how this compares to a full one-on-one session with me (usually 60-75 minutes), in many ways it's very similar, although every single dream and dreamer is different. Had we been in a longer and more private session, I would have been curious to invite Erika to experience more of the sensations in her body, because those can lead us where we need to go. Often, the body leads us right to the deep release, or relief, or invigoration, etc., that the dream is bringing.

We also might have continued on from the point where this conversation concluded, to experience the dream even more deeply. I'm curious about the part of this dream that happens in slow motion, and would have loved to explore what details the dream was bringing to my attention by slowing the scene down. I'm intrigued by the moments of blurry vision, too. What details am I not seeing? And, of course, I'm sure more would have arisen that I cannot yet imagine.

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