Wild Wind & Missing Daughter (Real Live Dreamwork with Haylee)

Watch this live dreamwork session with Haylee and walk with us down a path dreamwork often takes: starting with a dream that the dreamer has already found some meaning in (and even taken action on), wandering into some other possible meanings, and then arriving into a depth of emotion that opens up new understanding.

You'll hear us get into:

  • how dream characters can represent both their waking-life selves, and represent parts of the dreamer
  • what's going on when we have to pee in a dream
  • and the setting of this dream, which was identical to her waking life setting, and how it might be a call to "pay attention, right here, right now"

and more. And there are, of course, still more places we could go with this dream. If we had longer and were in a private setting, I would have wanted to follow the emotion that arose toward the end, and see what further emotions, questions, or insights might have arisen. I'd also be curious about Haylee's embodied experience of the dream, and how she might want to physically move through the dreamwork process.

Thank you for watching. If you're feeling drawn to explore your own dream with me, click here to contact me and we can schedule a full session, or a free 20-minute call to explore whether this will be a good fit.