Turning Season Episode 1: Beekeeping and Reweaving (with Ariella Daly)

Turning Season Podcast Episode 1 Beekeeping and Reweaving with Ariella Daly hosted by Leilani Navar turningseason.com

I'm so excited today to bring you Episode 1 of my newly expanding podcast... Turning Season.

Come to turningseason.com/episode1 to get this first dose of active hope.

It's a rich conversation with Ariella Daly, who spoke with me about dreams and bee shamanism in Episode 31 of the Dreamers' Den series. We talk about

  • living in a time of unraveling and reweaving,
  • having children in this time,
  • keeping bees with love and respect rather than according to "business as usual",
  • what those of us who aren't beekeepers can be doing to help,

and so much more.

This is the first of many conversations with inspired individuals who are playing their unique part in The Great Turning, collectively shifting us to a life-sustaining society. I'm talking with all kinds of healers and changemakers about everything from healing personal trauma to visionary thinking, decolonization to building composting toilets, new innovations to bridging social divides. Come listen to find out more of what’s being done already and what’s possible.