Turning Season Episode 13: Balancing All Seven Centers (with Morgan Starr-Riestis)

Turning Season Podcast Episode 13 Balancing all Seven Centers with Morgan Starr-Riestis hosted by Leilani Navar turningseason.com

How are you dealing with the stress of these times?

If you’re turning to (or curious about) talk therapy, yoga, other spiritual and energetic practices, or learning to regulate your own nervous system, you’ll be interested in my guest for this episode, Morgan Starr-Riestis, therapist at Mind Psy Guidance and creator of the Seven Centers Practice, which combines Western psychology and Eastern philosophy (specifically, the chakra system).

You also might be interested in hearing from her if you’re a younger adult, looking for more people your own age engaged in conversations around The Great Turning.

I loved the flow of this conversation. Click Play at turningseason.com/episode13 (or on Spotify, or Apple Podcasts, or wherever you like to listen) to hear us talk about what Morgan loves about being alive and what breaks her heart, and to hear her insights on:

  • collapse, catastrophe, and the possibility of “unraveling consciously”
  • techniques you can use to tend to your own nervous system, like bilateral stimulation and cultivating present awareness
  • the need for therapy that addresses body, spirit, community, and daily practice – and doesn’t focus only on mental processing
  • and an example of moving through the Seven Centers (chakras) for an imaginary young architecture student I invented, to give us an idea of what it would be like for someone grappling with global crises to come to Morgan for support

I was grateful to learn more about the tools Morgan uses and teaches, and for the way she clearly honors each individual person as unique and deserving of personalized care. Enjoy!

Originally published at turningseason.com.