Turning Season Episode 2: Regenerative Smart Villages (with Jay Wong)

Turning Season Podcast Episode 2 Regenerative Smart Villages with Jay Wong hosted by Leilani Navar turningseason.com

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It's a conversation with Jay Wong, who’s developing “regenerative smart villages” in Portugal. What would it look like to have residential, commercial, and agricultural life happening in a multi-generational community, one that handles waste, water, food and electricity sustainably?

That’s a big question, and Jay’s learning about all aspects of the answer, in the project he co-founded: Inspira Villages.

Find Turning Season Podcast wherever you get your podcasts, or head to turningseason.com/episode2 to hear us talk about:

  • Jay’s journey from living in “business as usual,” through deep sadness about “the great unraveling,” to his current role, generating solutions at the perimeter of mainstream society
  • how to bring these topics up with people who aren’t already thinking about them
  • what he loves about being alive on Earth, and what breaks his heart
  • our need for a whole-systems approach, thinking about ecological health, not just carbon and our ticking clock
  • new ways of designing cities, with innovations at the level of infrastructure and core utilities (rather than making incremental changes in existing cities)
  • plus dry toilets, circular economy, cradle to cradle, and more