Turning Season Episode 22: News on the Right to Repair Electronics, the Indigenous Environmental Network + Climate Justice, and Sponge Cities

More good news! Come enjoy a dose of Active Hope in the Great Turning with these 3 quick news stories:

  • the movement to grant the "right to repair" our electronic devices, plus why we throw away and replace them so quickly
  • introducing the Indigenous Environmental Network, the Western Mining Action Network, and the Climate Justice Alliance
  • and sponge cities: what they are, why they matter, and a few examples of cities around the world shifting toward sponginess

This show is for every one of you who's awake to our multiple crises, feels your love for life on Earth, and chooses to participate in cultivating ways of life we can believe in, making a life-honoring present even in the face of an uncertain future.

To listen and for more info about these news stories, visit turningseason.com/episode22.

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Originally published at turningseason.com.