Episode 27: Your Healing Story is a Love Story (with Nisha Mody)

Turning Season Podcast Episode 27 Your Healing Story is a Love Story with Nisha Mody hosted by Leilani Navar turningseason.com

Which is easier to feel in your own mind and body: 

The sense of living in The Great Turning (aka, our transition toward a life-sustaining way of being human on earth), or the feeling of "Business as Usual," a way of being human that values being productive, consuming, succeeding, and never feeling like you've done enough or have enough?

My guest in today's Full Moon episode, Nisha Mody, explores with me how these different stories live in our bodies and minds, and play out in our lives. She brings her experience as a feminist healing coach, writer and speaker. 

In her work, Nisha explores the intersection of anti-oppression, intergenerational healing and relationship. She helps people sit with their feelings, claim their agency, and relate to the world with care.

Click Play at turningseason.com/episode27 (or on Apple, Spotify, or your favorite place to get podcasts) to hear us talk about:

  • relational vs. transactional connections (with other people, our own bodies, the Earth) 
  • some of the mindsets and the medicines her parents brought with them when they immigrated from India
  • feeling like a failure, and mixing up your "work" with your "worth"
  • your healing story as a massive, epic love story...
  • ...and how that doesn't mean it only includes loving, loveable moments; just like The Great Turning, which is an adventure story, full of positive change but also peril and heartbreak

 and lots more. 

I have very much enjoyed getting to know Nisha over the last year and a half or so. I find her writing and coaching to be such a heartening example of The Great Turning taking place within someone in their own unique way. 

I especially appreciate that even though she doesn't present her work as being particularly about ecology, or Nature, or Earth-connection, she brings her own connection with the Earth to her work, and supports clients in tending to theirs.

Of course, I celebrate each and every one of us who does describe our work in terms of ecology and Earth-love - but I am also excited to see this sense of interconnection and reciprocity with the rest of the living Earth woven into all kinds of work and ways of life. 

And bonus: In one of Nisha's former careers, she was a librarian, so she has great book recommendations. You can find the books she mentioned in our conversation and others she recommends in the show notes at turningseason.com/episode27.

You'll also find links there to Nisha's website and Instagram.

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We'll also do a little bit of the Work that Reconnects and explore how Joanna Macy and a Deep Ecology perspective teach us how our emotions about what's happening in the world can help us serve and make change - how our human emotions might be a crucial way that life on earth sustains itself. 

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Turning Season Podcast is here to bring you regular doses of Active Hope, through news and deep conversations about our adventure toward a life-honoring, life-sustaining way of being human on Earth. This show is for every one of you who's awake to our multiple crises, feels your love for life on Earth, and chooses to participate in cultivating ways of life we can believe in, making a life honoring, present, even in the face of an uncertain future. 

Hosted by me, Leilani Navar. I facilitate the Work that Reconnects, I practice acupuncture and dreamwork, and I believe in the power of conversation. This podcast is one way The Great Turning happens through me. Thank you for being here. 

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