Turning Season Episode 3: Guided by Dreams (with Matt Cochran)

Turning Season Podcast Episode 3 Guided By Dreams with Matt Cochran hosted by Leilani Navar turningseason.com

Dreamwork is back in the conversation, because Matt Cochran is back. You may have heard him on Episode 22 of The Dreamers' Den series. He's here this time to share how dreamwork, especially in connection with men’s work, is a part of his role in The Great Turning.

You can find Turning Season Podcast on all major podcast platforms, or come check it out at turningseason.com/episode3 to hear us talk about:

  • how Matt relates to the “three stories of our time” (and how these compare to a rite of passage, or initiation)
  • what dreams are for him and the people he works with (a navigational tool; a fierce, viable presence; a glimpse of the mythic level of our lives)
  • men’s work in Matt’s life (including his shift from the loneliness of a lone wolf to non-competitive brotherhood with other men)
  • how “the initiated masculine” is a part of The Great Turning
  • mapping and protecting landscapes, from inside and outside of existing legal structures
  • looking to the Earth as a role model, not as a victim
  • and one of Matt’s own most significant dreams