Turning Season Episode 4: A Permaculture Path (with André Soares)

Turning Season Podcast Episode 4 A Permaculture Path with André Soares hosted by Leilani Navar turningseason.com

Curious about permaculture, sustainable homes, or intentional communities? Check out my conversation with André Soares, trilingual permaculture designer and teacher, who has contributed to the growth of permaculture in South America, the U.S., Europe and Australia.

You can find Turning Season Podcast on all major podcast platforms, or visit turningseason.com/episode4 to hear us talk about:

  • his more than 25 years in international permaculture design and teaching
  • unlearning "business as usual" thinking
  • healthy home design
  • the abundance of our planet, coexisting with the inequality between people on different parts of the globe
  • being a grandfather
  • the view that thriving living systems are true wealth
  • how to understand "sustainability"
  • shifting our paradigms (and why my question about "building from scratch" comes from the old paradigm)

and, of course, more.