Turning Season Episode 6: Re-Membering We’re Connected (with Skye and Miraz)

Turning Season Podcast Episode 6 with Skye and Miraz

Have you ever glimpsed your interconnection with the rest of the living world? Felt it in your own body?

Maybe breathed in that knowing for a moment, or a few, but then slipped back into our dominant culture’s habitual perspective of separateness?

I adored this conversation with Skye and Miraz, who are devoted to re-membering our interconnection, as many times as it takes. They have walked through many doorways into this mode of perception, and they help guide others through these various doorways, too. Though they actively support “holding actions” to slow damage to the Earth and all of us living here, they are most passionate about addressing the “crisis of perception” that has led us to our current ecological and social situation.

I can’t wait to share this conversation with you. Come to turningseason.com/episode6 to hear us talk about all of the above, plus:

  • the practice of dieta, which Skye and Miraz learned from their years with Shipibo teachers in Peru, and the relationships they cultivate with the more-than-human world
  • fulfillment through primary satisfactions, vs. trying to fill our voids with secondary satisfactions (as taught by Frances Weller)
  • experiencing The Work that Reconnects (aka Deep Ecology), as taught by Joanna Macy and John Seed
  • how Skye and Miraz relate to “the three stories of our time,” and to the three dimensions of The Great Turning (holding actions, structural alternatives, and shifts in consciousness)
  • how essential it is to feel and tend to our grief in community – both the grief we’ve carried, and the grief we will feel as we continue to open
  • the hugely important legal case going on in Ecuador, around protecting the rainforest in the Los Cedros Reserve from copper mining, and supporting the local communities there who have become dependent on that mining
  • urgency, and slow, imaginal time, and the ecstasy of eating an avocado with presence
  • and a poem by Thich Naht Hanh, read by Miraz, that I long for you to hear

This conversation nourished me deeply. May it feed you, too.

Find Turning Season Podcast on your favorite podcast platform, or at turningseason.com/episode6, where you can also find links to connect with Skye and Miraz and the teachers they mention.