Getting Better Can Feel Really Good

The things that are bringing us into better balance FEEL GOOD ✨ Trust your compass.

Here's what I say in the video:

"Getting better can feel really good.

The things that bring us into balance make us feel good.

I'm sure that one reason I love to sing is that the Metal element in my body (which is an aspect of me that has struggled) thrives on that kind of musical expression, that vocal expression.

If you're someone who really likes to take walks, that might relate to your Wood element. If you're wanting to call a friend who always makes you laugh, that's a way of tending to your Fire element.

If you're wanting to have a good cry, if you're feeling compelled to stand up against some harm or injustice --

there's a way in which we can really trust those desires, those instincts, those preferences.

Of course, there's a lot of sorting out to do around desires, and cravings, and resistance to what we know we want the results of (me too!). But we do all have an internal compass that is leading us toward health and wholeness.

And we can trust that the things that are truly good for us, that bring us back into balance, are going to make us feel good. They're going to feel like a relief."

I'll add here that there's another kind of nuance to this:

There are times when things that might not feel good in the moment are still what we truly feel drawn to. They might be things that make us feel good afterward, for example, like hydrotherapy ending on a very cold shower. Maybe for a time someone is drawn to comforting things that are easy on their nervous system, like taking walks, hot tea, beautiful music. Then, there might come a time when they're drawn to the challenge/ exhilaration/health benefits of cold showers --

and the real point is, that draw is to be trusted. That's the innate orientation toward health and wholeness showing up.

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