Healing Sunday / Healing Season

I had a dreamy Sunday morning a few days ago: I wrote down my dreams, practiced qigong and back rehab exercises, played guitar and sang myself some songs, breathed in gratitude with the green leaves around me - all before I emerged from my room.

Then I had a yummy breakfast, followed by a little moxa (or… moxa-ish) treatment on the couch. My kids helped me out with this part. At 11 and 8 years old now, they can not only feed themselves while I linger with my journal, but can spray my back and lay a hot pillow across it too!

Bonus: low-back pain relieving acupressure from one of my sweeties.

What a blessing, a privilege, a treasure, and a loooong time coming to

🌱 know how I like to be taken care of

🌊 and have the time and space (some days) to do it.

We start a new round of Healing Season in one week, and I'm noticing the Five Elements in my dreamy Sunday morning: connection with dreams and mystery (Water), exercise (Wood), music (Metal), good food (Earth), and moxa + loving connection (Fire).

Understanding my life and myself in terms of the Five Elements means understanding them in terms of the endless expansion and contraction of all things.

The breath of life. Yin and yang.

There is a certain sense of belonging in that. Of coming home. So yes, Healing Season is about stress relief, about addressing the emotional causes and effects of physical illness, about our roles in the world in a time of crises –

but it's just as much about coming home to our place in it all.

How we are embodying and embedded in the endless breath of life.

And how we can dance with our unique natures, to keep that breath flowing as freely as possible. (For me, right now, dream journaling and hot bucky frog pillows are key.)

If you want to understand yourself and your well-being through the wisdom of Chinese Medicine and Deep Ecology, and help identifying the practices that make you feel good, now's the time to come check out Healing Season.