Do I need emotional or physical healing? Which Element do I focus on? Clearing what I once stuffed down AND not stuffing anything new? (Healing Season Q&A Call)

Here are a few selections from a Healing Season Q&A in February 2022. This was about halfway through the group program, after exploring Fire, Earth, and Metal.

Watch and listen to get a feel for the kinds of conversations we have in Healing Season, and to hear my replies to the questions below:

0:00 Question: How do I know if this work will take care of physical symptoms, or if other types of treatment are necessary?

(My answer speaks to the way more energy becomes available for healing once we tend to our emotional energetics, no matter whether the emotional pattern or physical imbalance showed up first.)

1:52 Question: When I've recognized that my symptoms are associated with one Element, but I resonate with all of the Elements in different ways, how do I know which practices to focus on?

(My answer includes thoughts on getting direct feedback from the body about which Elements and which practices matter most, and how the Elements affect each other.)

4:24 Reflection: We're not just trying to clear old stuff, we're also trying not to stuff anything new.

(I share a recent personal experience with a time period of emotional pain, how I thought it should be easier than it was, and facing the fact that I don't get a "pass" on this kind of difficulty just because I have a practice or because I "understand" what's going on. I turn to this work to help me move through it thoroughly – not stuff any of it down for later, waiting to address it until my body shows symptoms.)

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Note: In this video, the screen briefly turns black a few times, but the audio continues. There was a video editing glitch that I couldn't figure out - but keep listening, and the video will return!