A 2-Minute Peek Inside Healing Season (We Start Tomorrow!)

This is the last chance to enroll in .

The next time I plan to offer Healing Season is January 2024.

Today, I set up our private group forum, published the introductory videos, and started getting very excited about seeing everyone tomorrow! I made a 2-minute video this morning to give a quick glimpse into what it looks like on the inside.

If you're on the fence about

  • learning qigong for clearing stagnation and promoting emotional and physical health
  • learning to understand yourself through the lenses of the Five Elements and Deep Ecology
  • and connecting with community

contact me and we can talk about whether this is right for you right now. We can even jump on a quick phone call if that's helpful for you.

I know that for a lot of folks, time commitment is a concern. Keep in mind:

  • You have lifetime access to the teaching videos, so if you don’t want to go through the material about the Five Elements as quickly as we move in the course, that’s no problem. Lots of people go back to them after the course is over.
  • Each group call includes qigong, Q&A, and a Work that Reconnects practice. You don't have to attend, if there are weeks where it doesn't work. You’re welcome to send me Q’s before the call and I’ll A them even if you’re not there 🙂
  • I really love the private forum we have (hosted on Mighty Networks). It’s not the same as being there live, but we can do a lot of sharing in off-hours through posts and even videos.
  • If you're in a healing journey, I honestly believe that Healing Season will serve you to more deeply understand what’s happening for you, and help guide you as to where you want to focus. From my perspective, the sooner you bring these insights and strategies in, the better for your continued healing. I also know there are many personal factors that go into when is the right timing for something like this. I trust you to make the best decision for you, and if you have any questions, I'm here.