A Point for Sacrum or Throat Pain: The Landscape of Your Body #10

I always know when I’m on this point because it’s so tender. Likely, anyone else with sacrum or tailbone injury or pain will feel that too. It’s also tender for many people dealing with throat pain or difficulty swallowing.

A little more help finding Kidney 6 (a.k.a. Zhao Hai, or “Shining Sea”) on your own landscape:

It’s 1 thumb-width below the most prominent part of the inner ankle bone. Compared to other points, it can be difficult to feel confident that you’re “really on” this point. Good thing your fingertip is quite a bit bigger than an acupuncture needle -- so as long as you’re in the neighborhood, you’re likely covering it.

It might help to know that you’ll be in a space between two ligaments, so if you press with close attention, you’ll feel one ligament in front of and one ligament behind this point. (See the illustration below.)

Also helpful to know: if you could benefit from acupressure on this point, it’s likely to feel tender, or sensitive. It’ll let you know, “I’m here.”

More cool stuff about Kidney 6:

Kidney 6 can clear “deficiency heat,” which is especially common in perimenopause. This might show up as:

  • dry eyes or throat
  • insomnia
  • nights sweats or hot palms and soles
  • or dizziness.

It’s also traditionally been used for:

  • irregular or painful periods
  • dribbling urination
  • post-partum dizziness
  • uterine prolapse
  • and constipation.

I’d love to help you find and treat more acupressure points on yourself. Check out the free video available through healgrowthriveflow.com/how to dive deeper.

Kidney 6 Illustration Leilani Navar healgrowthriveflow.com

The X in this illustration is the part of the inner ankle bone that sticks out the farthest. The blue dot is Kidney 6, positioned right between two ligaments.