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Matthew C kind words Leilani Navar

Leilani Navar is a skilled healer and a genuine gift to the community. Her modern training in Chinese medicine, integrated with her intuitional knowing serves as a profound and professional foundation for holistic healing. Her curiosity and integrity show me a healer who is ever deepening her practice. I've been to her on occasions for both acute injury and minor. Her caring and compassionate presence, her deep listening, and communication all engender a wonderful healing atmosphere. I know Leilani especially through the practice of dreams, a profession in which I'm involved. Leilani, through study and experience, has an incredible capacity to "hear" the story of our body and soul through dreams. In consultations I have had with her we sometimes navigate from a particular dream. Leilani's rare combination of critical thinking, medical intelligence and poetic basis of mind makes her a unique healer who can combine many perspectives into a cohesive, accurate and effective holistic health practice.

- Matthew C., Dreamworker, Wilderness Guide (acupuncture patient)

”Leilani created a peaceful space where we explored some of my dreams, reminding me to stay grounded in my body and to pay attention to its messages. I especially enjoyed going beyond my habitual point of view and accessing whatever insights other "characters" had for me. Leilani also related dream landscapes with emotions and the Chinese five elements, which has been very illuminating to my waking life. I would definitely recommend one-on-one sessions with Leilani to anyone looking to know themselves better, discover personal blindspots and reconnect with their body.“

- P.E., Italy (one-on-one dreamwork client)

Kind Words Leilani Navar Trina B.

I have been seeing Leilani Navar for health support for three years. I began with getting a treatment for my back. I had immediate relief, and was surprised at her approach to my body as a whole, rather than just treating my back. I was so impressed with her skills that my whole family started seeing her for treatments and health support. She introduced me to Chinese medicine and I quickly realized that her understanding of the body system and health was on a whole new level. By nature she has a gift for caring for people that really sets her apart as a health care practitioner. She has taught us ways to improve our mental, emotional, and physical health, including performing acupressure on ourselves. In my family, appointment days with Leilani are looked forward to as a treat, and everyone counts down the days til it's their turn.

- Trina B., Rancher & Mom of 5 (acupuncture patient)

I need concrete data in order to make decisions about my health. The pain in my feet was data, as were the shrugs from the doctors, and while Leilani could not repair the nerve damage, she did eliminate the pain, another data point. Leilani's work on me has opened me to her deeper teachings, which are designed for me to ultimately take control of my own health. Providing me with useful and usable tools is what a good teacher should be doing.

- Dan P., Social Scientist (acupuncture patient)

Client Story Leilani Navar acupuncture dreamwork herbal medicine

Leilani has helped me exponentially over the last few years through acupuncture, dreamwork, and instruction on the Justisse Method. One of the things I appreciate most is her ability to listen to a dream, ask me thoughtful questions that help me to delve further into it, and then shape a session based on what we've uncovered. Her work has helped me to move forward with a greater understanding of my own inner life than I would have otherwise. She is a conscientious and insightful healer who I would highly recommend for any course of treatment.

- Tessa B., Writer (acupuncture patient)

I have been a client of Leilani's for about 4 years. I am so grateful for her and her work. I have been a dream worker for 13 years, and working with my dreams is a central part of my own self-care. Finding a practitioner who can look deeply into my dreams and find resonances with what is going on with my body has been a huge gift and has helped me better understand my self and my own healing. I also so appreciate Leilani's calm, her measured manner, her humanity and the respect she pays to my own inner knowing. How many of us have gone to physicians who we feel fundamentally do not see or hear us??? And who consequently pay no attention to what we already know about our symptoms, illness, condition...working with Leilani is the opposite! I wholeheartedly recommend her.

- Jessica F., Massage Therapist, Dreamworker (acupuncture patient)

Acupuncture Dreamwork Client Experience

I have told everyone I know about Leilani. To find a skilled dreamworker is rare. In my experience finding a safe and loving acupuncturist happens seldom. To find both in one person is a miracle. Leilani is the real deal. A genuine healer and she would never tell you so.

Working with Leilani has been some of the most revelatory and profound explorations of mind and body that I have ever had. When I came I was in physical pain. It was an organic transition into dreamwork. I literally had no idea it was possible to combine the two. After my first dreamwork/acupuncture session I was like: what the hell was that? And I began to tell everyone. I have had multiple friends drive 4 hours one way just for an appointment with her and they all say it was so worth it.

Her immense capacity to make me feel safe and comfortable made it feel so natural to be in her presence. I have 2 friends that have huge protective walls, that have also been to see Leilani and have returned with the words: 'it’s rare that I feel safe enough to let my guard down.' That alone is enough to heal communities.

I had no idea that I could learn so much from my dreams. Bringing my subconscious to consciousness has been so transformative. But what Leilani does is take it one step further and bring the subconscious to the body. She is able to connect the most subtle layers of the mind with the grossest layers of the body, in turn teaching me to do the same. I got more out of a single session with Leilani than I did from years of psychotherapy.

Working with Leilani (and Sylas) has taught me about skilled questioning. She made me feel like I was healing myself. The way she asked questions made me ask myself similar questions when she wasn’t around. I began to practice the same curiosity in other relationships as well. I went to Leilani to heal my body. When we were finished, not only my body felt better but my spirit began to sing a new song. She has taught me to listen to the rhythms of my body and soul, and as I move through the world people want to hear this new tune.

- Danielle R., Bed & Breakfast Owner, Utah (acupuncture & dreamwork patient)

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about online programs

I did the [Acupressure for People with Anxiety]routine today and it was fabulous! I was amazed at the change in my entire being, so thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

- Cathy M., Connecticut (online student - Acupressure for People with Anxiety)

"Through the lens of the five elements - I gained much appreciated insight to the relationship between thoughts, emotions and feelings, and the flow of energy in my body. Together with five element qigong and acupressure practices, I now have valuable healing tools for managing my energy and health.  Leilani introduces this Chinese Medicine wisdom as a basis for how we may center and balance ourselves, and bring our best selves forward in service to all life on earth."

- Angie E., Botanist & Artist, Montana (online participant - Healing Season)

What a rich offering. I so appreciated how you framed the information in Healable by Nature -- both in terms of listening to the deep ecology of our bodies and focusing on the primary satisfactions to a healthy life vs the secondary inputs that can so often be commodified in healing spaces. So simple, but such good reminders on what moves the needle most. I appreciated the handout, too, as it made it much easier and more likely for me to apply these learnings to my own life.

- Ashley D., Idaho (online participant - Healable by Nature)

Healing Season Student Experience

I took Acupressure for People with Anxiety almost a year ago and find it very useful. Leilani has such a gentle grounded way, which comes across even on the internet. I use the full routine sometimes, but not every day. I particularly like the sleep points, which I find quite powerful. I often use the points when I'm in a difficult situation, like waiting at the dentist. I'm looking forward to more courses!

- Vicki S., Aberdeenshire, Scotland (online student - Acupressure for People with Anxiety)

Healing Season Student Experience GR

"Healing Season has been a huge gift. It's given me a lens to see myself, my life, my body that's more than just accepting of it all, but honoring, welcoming and enjoying the full range of life, of being an emotional, physical, and spiritual being. I have found myself more able to welcome my feelings because I am not afraid that they will stay forever. The interconnectedness of the elements makes me feel more appreciative of how each emotion is necessary to feed life and be in an ever-changing balance. Thank you, Leilani, for your leadership, and wisdom. Thank you for creating this space that we all get to be in."

- Gwenn R., Physician, Connecticut (online participant - Healing Season)

"The wisdom you shared was deeply helpful and fascinating. The information about the energies made so much sense, and I am grateful for the practices you taught us. As a death doula, I’m always looking to deepen my understanding of grief and how it affects the body. Your information about how to move stagnant energy was incredibly helpful as I guide others through their grief process."

- Leah N., Novelist & Death Doula, Georgia (online student - Emotions and Your Body)

I really enjoyed the clear and friendly way you communicated your knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and the taster of Qigong as well. Lately I haven't been staying as well as I used to. Although I already have daily meditation and qigong practices, it's very helpful to look at things from a more holistic standpoint.

- David L., Sydney, Australia (online participant - Healable by Nature)

Healing Season Student Experience EW

"Since Healing Season, I feel less fragmented: physically, mentally, and emotionally. This course helped realize my wholeness through engaging with all of the elements that make me, me. Here, I found curiosity, ways to greet my pain, and inspiration to move forward with vision. I will continue to reap the benefits and enjoy the content for a long time to come. If you're looking for connection to yourself, others, and the natural world - this course is for you. I highly recommend Healing Season."

- Erika W., Student, Utah

"Thank you for being so thoughtful and thorough [in Acupressure for Restorative Sleep]. Last night I tried the qigong and the 3 top acupressure spots, and avoided late night snacking and screen time. I slept much better. I woke up once, but then went back to sleep for an even longer stretch. I think it was the best sleep I've had in years!"

- Rudi B., California (online student - Acupressure for Restorative Sleep)

"A lot has shifted in my awareness around the presence of the elements within my body. I am often identifying my emotions, making the connection as to which element is actually needing my attention. Also, the qigong has been huge for me. Practicing qigong from start to finish or just for a particular element as needed really helps to move any stagnant energy. I am looking forward to going back through Healing Season library to deepen my understanding and relationship with these 5 elements as they relate to my body and my emotions."

- Haylee A., Hospitality Small Business Owner, Utah (online participant - Healing Season)

"I'd had weeks of insomnia before this workshop [Acupressure for Restorative Sleep]. As soon as I started using the techniques, I slept well for more than two weeks in a row! (Lots of dreaming...) Then, my sleep was great for a while, even without the nightly practices. When my sleep got thrown off, I started the bedtime acupressure and qigong again, and I'm back to sleeping well. I love knowing how to do this!"

- Jenny H., Minnesota (online student - Acupressure for Restorative Sleep)

"Healing Season has been vitally nourishing. I have found purpose and power in allowing grief into my being, and letting joy out of my being, into the world around me. I have been in relationship with many different healing modalities and medical systems. Leilani and this course stand out as uniquely capable of weaving together so many threads, organs, ecosystems, seasons, thought processes, elements of attention, in a way that is digestible to each individual. Additionally, it is a gift to be able to invite, hold, and care for community in just a few short weeks. While Leilani "presents information" about the Work that Reconnects, she also is actively "doing the work that reconnects" in the manner that she creates and offers this community course."

- Gretchen G., Rites of Passage Guide, Montana (online participant - Healing Season)

Thanks so much, Leilani! I really liked the way you explained the five Chinese elements, it finally made sense to me. You are skilled at pacing, focus, intent, and holding space. Events over Zoom can often be a bit awkward, but this one felt comfortable and personal. I've been doing the "joint brushing" every day and it's a nice, easy sequence to fit in to remind me about moving my body. I needed this little boost of a workshop. Thanks for sharing your wisdom 🙂

- Gaby L., Utah (online participant - Healable by Nature)

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