A Point for Breathing, Sleeping & Grieving: Landscape of Your Body #12

Here’s a need-to-know point on the body landscape when dealing with breathing concerns, sadness or grief, or waking up between 1-3am. 

This is the first place that the Lung Channel rises to the surface of the body. We call it Lung 1 in English and Zhong Fu (Central Palace) in Mandarin. We also know it as a “mu” or “alarm” point. 

It sounds the alarm by feeling sore when pressed. It’ll feel sore if the Lung network could use some support.

It also tends to feel sore when there’s a blockage between Liver 14 and Lung 1, which can cause a wake-up between 1-3am, and difficulty falling back asleep. (I talk about this blockage and the self-acupressure that helps in Acupressure for People with Anxiety.)

The Lungs, as a Metal-element organ, process grief and sadness. The Lungs can be depleted by grief, and we can also feel extra sad when the Lungs aren’t in balance. Explore how it feels to give the Lungs some love by massaging this spot.

Between wildfires, contagious illness, and grief, Lungs on this planet have been through a lot recently. Sending love to your Lungs, and giving mine a little extra right now too. (Ooh, bonus: my right pec just started twitching as I pressed Lung 1. It’s a good spot for releasing the pecs, too!)