Ways We Can Work Together

Our next 12-week Group Journey begins in January 2023.

Healing Season: Emotions and Elements

a deep dive into

  • the connection between your physical and emotional health, through the wisdom of Classical Chinese Medicine
  • moving stagnation
  • cultivating flow
  • understanding the Five Elements in your own body
  • and experiencing the Work that Reconnects

You'll learn personal practices for experiencing and balancing the full "seasonal breath" of your emotions, in connection with your physical health.

You'll also experience community practices, through the Work that Reconnects, where we expand our concept of wellness to include the interconnected community-being, the "ecological self."

You'll get to know your unique energetics, so you know how to live in balance, and how to bring your gifts to the world from a place of overflow.

Healing Season opens 3x/year. The next session begins in May 2022.

One-on-One Sessions

In one-on-one sessions, I can support you in two main ways (or a combination of these two):

  • Chinese Medicine and Earth-based wisdom for your healing and thriving. In this work, you can
    • tend to the connection between your emotional and physical health
    • get to know your own unique energetics, learn practices that will support you personally, and come to understand how you most naturally serve the greater body of life on Earth
    • be supported as you navigate your personal choices about your health concerns, especially as you decide how to integrate “conventional” and “natural” medicine


  • Dreamwork for healing, insight, inspiration, and connection. In these sessions, you can
    • share a dream or series of dreams with me to explore and discover what the dream is bringing you
    • engage your dream with curiosity, body-awareness, intuition and attention to your life stories and symbols, until we arrive at the rich truths - or the new questions - that are waiting for you
    • release stagnation in yourself that’s ready to move (body, mind, spirit, emotions...)
    • and connect to new possibility

You can click here to read about past clients’ experiences.

To get a feel for how I relate to dreams, click here to view a recorded 1-on-1 session.

Thousand Lakes Health Center

My in-person clinic primarily serves local residents of Bouldern Town, Utah and the surrounding area.

I also dive deep with folks from out of town who want to visit for at least 1-2 weeks for a series of treatments.

If you live in my neck of the woods, or are planning a visit here, please click the button below to learn about making an appointment.

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