A Point for Eye Relief: Landscape of Your Body #16

For people dealing with eye symptoms from allergies, here's a place to find relief, at the next stop on the Landscape of Your Body:

Bladder 2 (aka "Zan Zhu," aka "Bamboo Gathering").

Self-massage with acupressure here is super helpful for people dealing with eye symptoms like itchy, watery eyes due to allergies, other eye health concerns, as well as nasal allergy symptoms like runny nose, sinus pressure, and sneezing.

You could start working with Zan Zhu / Bladder 2 by massaging with a moderate pressure in small, gentle circles for 1-2 min at a time.

(Check out my quick videos on the points Du 20 and Large Intestine 10 in the series of Landscape of Your Body videos, all available here)

This is the 2nd point on the river of qi known as the Bladder channel. Your Bladder channel begins just above the inside corner of your eyes, runs up through the inner end of your eyebrows, and then over your scalp, down your neck, back and the back of your legs, all the way to your pinky toes.

Coursing along this most yang region of the body, the Bladder channel is also called the "Tai Yang" (Greater Yang) channel. Some of the most potent points on the body are on the Bladder channel, along your back.

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