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How the 5 Elements are Speaking in Your Dreams


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Here's What You'll Learn

Why the Five Elements are such potent symbols

I'll explain the Five Elements as the "five phases". You'll understand what the Five Elements truly represent, and how they can manifest in an infinite number of ways - in your life, and in your dreams.

The most important symbolic meanings of each element

You'll get a beautiful color diagram AND a thorough written explanation that covers each element's season, color, organs in the body, emotion, movement, and more. When the elements show up in your dreams, you'll recognize them.

How to explore your own dreams

You'll also get some guidance about how to approach your dreams in general, and how to explore them through the lens of the Five Elements.

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How the 5 Elements are Speaking in Your Dreams freebie from Leilani Navar at about dreamwork healing and the wisdom of Chinese medicine