A Point Used for Clearing Heat and Relieving Headaches: The Landscape of Your Body #7

A palace in the palm of the hand, pressed to clear “heat.” That “heat” might be showing up as agitation, insomnia, or as actually feeling hot (especially in the palms). Pressure here can help when there’s heaviness or a feeling of stuckness in the chest, with the urge to sigh frequently, or the sense of something stuck in the throat.

I love this point for headaches in the temples. If the headache is on the right, see what happens from massage on Heart 8 on the left hand. Try the right hand if the headache’s on the left.

Try it for local relief of hand pain, pinky finger injury or dysfunction, or elbow pain on the inner side.

Heart 8 (aka Shao Fu, aka Lesser Palace) is traditionally used for urinary issues as well. Usually for situations of difficult urination or pain, especially when there are other signs of Heart heat, like insomnia, agitation, and thirst. (In Classical Chinese Medicine’s understanding of the body, there’s a strong relationship between the Heart channel, Small Intestine channel, and Bladder channel.)

Been wondering about Fire points? This is the first point in this series that’s on a Fire channel. And it’s the Fire point of this Fire channel, to boot. When it’s time to connect with Fire qualities in the body (maybe because of a dream…?), here’s a perfect spot.

I teach this point in Acupressure for People with Anxiety. For a free sneak peak at the course, and to learn more about finding and treating acupressure points with self-massage, click here.