A Point for People with Nasal Congestion & Sinus Pressure: The Landscape of Your Body #2

This point is one of my favorites to teach to patients, because of how well it responds to acupressure massage. (Some other points respond much better to an acupuncture treatment, with needles.)
Watch the video above to learn how to find Large Intestine 10 on the landscape of your body.
I turn to this point for people wanting relief from nasal congestion and sinus pressure, especially when they feel it in the area beneath the eyes.
I've also seen it help with wrist pain (especially when pain is on the back side of the wrist, in line with the thumb or index finger), and with elbow pain (especially when pain is on the outside of the elbow).
By way of its connection to the Large Intestine and Stomach organs, this point has also traditionally been used to relieve abdominal pain and dysfunction of the intestines.
Like last week's point, this is on the Yangming Large Intestine channel, which is “abundant in Qi and Blood.” This generally means Large Intestine 10 is accessible and safe to stimulate.
The Large Intestine channel is a Metal channel. If you're looking at your health (or your dreams) through the lens of the Five Elements, this point is another good one for engaging with your Metal energy.
In general, it's beneficial to massage Large Intestine 10 on both the left and the right forearm. If you feel sinus pain or abdominal discomfort more on one side than the other, try massaging Large Intestine 10 on the opposite arm.
So, for example, if you feel more sinus pain below your right eye than your left, see what happens when you massage Large Intestine 10 on your left arm. After a couple of minutes of steady pressure, or massaging in small circles, take a breath in through your nose, and notice whether that feels different!
How'd it go?
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I'm about to take a winter holidaytime break - and I'll be back in January with Point #3!

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