A Point for Supporting the Lungs, Neck & Uterus: The Landscape of Your Body #3

Here’s another way to locate one of the points I showed you in my March 2020 post about self-acupressure for Breathing, Digestion & Immunity.

This is Lung 7, called Lie Que in Chinese, meaning “Broken Sequence.”

On the landscape of your body, here two rivers briefly join. This is where the Lung channel “breaks” with its straight path and veers over to meet up with the Large Intestine channel

So, when you use the method in this video to find the point, you want your index finger to land on that same line, between Large Intestine 4 and Large Intestine 10. You'll be pressing on the flat part of your radius bone.

Your fingertip should lie right between two tendons. If you roll your finger from side to side, you’ll probably be able to feel the subtle bump of a tendon on each side of your finger.

Watch the video to see how to use it for the Lungs and the back of the neck. This point is also used to regulate the Ren Mai (aka “Conception Vessel”), which arises in the uterus and runs up the midline of the body, making it helpful for people with urinary or gynecological issues.

The Lung channel is a Metal channel (as is the Large Intestine channel). If you're looking at your health (or your dreams) through the lens of the Five Elements, this point is another place to engage with your Metal energy.

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