A Point for Stress Relief: The Landscape of Your Body #5

You’ll have to take your shoes off for this one. It’s worth it. Liver 3, aka “Tai Chong,” aka “Great Rushing,” located in a valley on your foot, is important for people dealing with stress. (Should I simply say “for people”? Is anyone NOT dealing with stress?)

Watch the video above to learn how to find Liver 3 on the landscape of your body.

Acupressure on this point is wonderful for easing the effects of stress on the body, and easing the stressed-out feeling itself, too.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, we ask whether a condition is “excess” (flow is blocked, or something is present that shouldn’t be) or “deficient” (there isn’t enough of something). Treatment varies, depending on the answer.

One beautiful thing about Liver 3 is that it helps in cases of EITHER “excess” or “deficient” stress.

I think of “excess” stress as when someone feels extremely tense and angry, like they could explode. They might sigh a lot, or feel congestion around the ribcage. 

The “deficient” stress is when someone feels worn-out and brittle, like they could just fall apart. They’re likely to have trouble falling asleep, and a hard time resting or relaxing in general.

Supportive during either situation, Liver 3 both moves and nourishes the Liver network.

The Liver channel is a Wood channel. If you're looking at your health (or your dreams) through the lens of the Five Elements, this is a good place to engage with your Wood energy.

Like Large Intestine 4, this point also helps when you have headaches, or PMS. You might notice that this point is in the same location on the foot as Large Intestine 4 is on the hand: the webbing between the first two digits.

Being on the Liver channel, Liver 3 also has an affinity for the eyes. This entire “Liver Valley” holds points that are used to dramatically benefit eye health and vision. Some are accessed from the topside of the foot, and some from the sole-side of the foot.

Can you find Liver 3? Is it tender when you press on it? Leave a comment below, or send me a note!

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