A Point for Pelvic & Digestive Health: The Landscape of Your Body #8

Feeling good here with loving self-massage on Spleen 6, together with hip circles to free up energy in the pelvis. (NOT a point to be used during PREGNANCY if it’s not yet time to go into labor. Pick a different point to love on yourself with.)

This point is so often tender to pressure, because it connects to places where we so often could use some help. Spleen 6 is used to balance everything in the lower abdomen and pelvis, including uterine and ovarian health, digestion, post-partum recovery, urination, and genital and sexual health. It also supports deep, restful sleep.

If this point is tender, press with extra lovingkindness

Think of this point for “dampness” in the inner landscape, which can show up as a feeling of heaviness, edema, diarrhea, excessive vaginal discharge, and (for anyone who likes to check out your tongue) a “scalloped” tongue with tooth imprints on the sides.

We also use acupuncture or acupressure on this point when it’s time (or past time) to go into labor, AND to ease pain during labor.

Perhaps my favorite thing about Spleen 6 is its beautiful location on the body landscape, where three rivers meet. The Liver channel, Kidney channel, and Spleen channel all meet here, before continuing on their separate courses. So, this point can also help harmonize the Liver network (think stress relief, and hormonal balance), and strengthen the Kidney network (think vitality, stamina, and groundedness).

Stick around until the end of the video for a tip about how to use your touch to build Qi (not only move Qi), and how to use movement to enhance this point’s effects in the pelvis.

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