Live Video: Anger, Sprouts, Pressure, and Getting Pissed About Dirty Socks (the Wood Element)

Ever heard that the Liver is affected by anger, or PMS is "a Liver thing"?

Let's dive a little deeper into what Wood energy is all about, different flavors of anger (irritability, resentment, frustration, feeling pressured...), and how the Liver/Gall Bladder impacts anger AND, vice versa, anger impacts the Liver/Gall Bladder network.

If this kind of Chinese Medicine wisdom, and the idea of understanding your own energetics in this way calls to you, contact me and let's connect about the next group journey I'm hosting around emotions and the Five Elements 💚

Click Play and hang out with me for 16 minutes, or click ahead on the video's timeline to jump to one of these timestamps that calls to you:

0:00 why I want to talk about the Wood element / the range of "anger" category feelings

0:57 what "Wood" actually means

2:00 healthy Wood qualities in a human being and healthy anger

3:30 daily life flavors of Wood emotions, as in PMS, and "unreasonable" irritability

5:10 the need to move anger -- even (and especially) anger that we don't think is justified

5:45 anger affecting the Liver network AND the Liver network affecting anger

6:15 feeling "pressured" as a type of anger; related body tension

8:45 moving this kind of stagnation: self-acupressure on Gall Bladder 21 (shoulder tension; tension headaches) [other points mentioned: Large Intestine 4 and Liver 3]

10:35 how to take a walk as a way of moving Liver / Gall Bladder stagnation

12:10 flexibility within forward determination

12:50 anger as part of our full expression in purpose, not to be stuffed into our bodies and make us sick

13:35 upcoming 6-week Healing Season: Emotions and Elements group journey (how our emotions connect to our bodies, our bodies to our emotions, and how to prevent stagnation, and be led to purpose through our own unique balance)

14:25 my own unique balance (Metal and Wood) and other people's varieties of unique balance (Water and Fire examples) -- and finding how to contribute to the world from the place where you have the most to give

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